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The Mortals of Eros

Mortals are the backbone of Eros. They are numerous and diverse, both in personality and culture. Mortals are divided into two major categories: Sentient Mortals and Non-Sentient Mortals. Sentient Mortals are the people of Eros, and it is their prayers and loyalty that power The Gods of Eros. Non-Sentient Mortals are the creatures and plants that inhabit Eros, with the exclusion of fish*. Non-Sentient Mortals feed off of the power of The Gods of Eros. Without The Gods, their souls of will wither and they will perish.

Sentient Mortals come in several different species. These include: Humans, Demons, Angels and Dragons. Each have been created by a different God. Here is a list to detail each of the Sentient Mortals.

Humans are the most common, most widespread, and oldest of all the Sentient Mortals in Eros. They had once ruled over Eros as the only sentient beings, but their empire quickly fell after Agrona created Demons. Now they have blended with the non-human cultures all around Eros, adapting to all the various cultures and traditions around the planet.

Daefernian Humans often come as one of two types; Soulbound Humans and Non-Soulbound Humans. Soulbound Humans are Humans who have been soulbound to a Demon. These Humans are often bound by social rules and even Demonic laws that require them to be loyal to their demon. They often wear some kind of head covering to indicate their role in Demonic society. The styles of such head coverings vary between different regions of Daefernia. Non-Soulbound Humans are often the descendants of Non-Daefernian Humans. These humans are granted the same rights as Demons if they have been born within Daefernia. These humans often wear the same style of clothes as Demons.

Varian Humans are the second most common Humans due to a mass exodus during the First Great War. Humans
in Varia get special privileges due to the Angels' commitment to protecting them, as long as they provide tribute to the Angels. This tribute often includes a tax on goods or funds that come from Human businesses and farms. Humans are also given a standard education through the Angelic government and are allowed to follow any cultural practices as long as they are non-violent.

Humans in Raathos vary on where they are located. The Humans in the Draconic cities get the same rights and protections as Dragons. Meanwhile, Humans near the mountains live in barbarian tribes that fear Highland Dragons. Humans in the cities often work as food merchants, cooks and brewers.

The Demilitarized Zone is a group of islands in Eros that were used as a neutral zone during each Great War. This is a prominently human inhabited portion of Eros and most of the Humans there keep up the old traditions from the Golden Age of Humankind. Most of the humans from here come from small tight-knit villages and farms and aren't too familiar with Non-Humans. The only exception to this are the Humans that live along the coastal cities of the DMZ.


Angels are the third race to have been created, and they are second most common in Varia. They were originally created by the Goddess of Wind for the purpose of protecting all mortal life. The Angelic people take this purpose very seriously and integrate it into every aspect of their society; from adopting vegetarianism to providing security and military service to Human towns and cities. Angels have a strong sense of pride in their heritage and often discriminate against Demons and hybrids. As far as gender relations go, Angels are very egalitarian and have no sense of gender roles outside of "women typically get pregnant and men typically don't". In combat and warfare, most Angels have the tendency to “play fair” and follow strict codes of honor. Their political system consists of a council of twelve Archangels whose souls are regularly re-incarnated to maintain a sense of consistency in law and order. At the head of this council is the Goddess of Wind, Mayrah, who has the final word on all decisions.


Demons are the second Sentient Mortals to have been created. For reasons unknown, the Goddess of Chaos created Demons to devour all life on Eros. They happily did that, but were greatly discouraged after the First Great War between them, the Angels, and the Dragons. Ever since then, Demons have developed a society that is symbiotic with the Humans in their territory.

Almost all Demons have a human companion that they have soulbound with. Despite following the treaties of the past Great Wars, the violent history of the Demonic people causes a lot of discomfort among most mortals. This ends up putting
many Demons in a disadvantageous position within the other territories. Even though Demons aren't usually in good graces with the other mortals, they tend to be welcoming to those who are Non-Angelic. In fact, it is not uncommon for interbreeding between Demons and Non-Angelic mortals to be socially normalized within the Demonic culture.


While Demonic society is mostly welcoming to Non-Angelic mortals, they are not egalitarian when it comes to gender. The majority of Demons follow a strict matriarchal structure that makes it almost impossible for the males of their kind to crawl up the socioeconomic ladder, unless they preform well in the demonic military or marry into a well-off family. This structure
follows their belief that the original Demons were created in the likeness of their mostly female Goddess and that males came second due to reproductive necessity. There are some exceptions to this ideology, but those come from the few noble clans that do not practice the matriarchal structure.

Demonic government is ruled by an aristocracy made up of their Queen, the seven Demonic Clans, their military and their religious leaders.


Dragons are the last of the Erosian mortals to have been created by The Gods. After becoming frustrated with the destruction of the First Great War, Hethanos created Dragons to eliminate all of Eros if the war wasn't resolved. After this war, the Dragons took over the northeast continent of Eros and called their territory Raathos. Dragons are the strongest of all the mortals as well as the most rowdy. Few mortals ever have the bravery to provoke them. Because of this, the Lowland variety of Dragons have been able to develop a rich and powerful society, whose influence has a hand in every Erosian government. Dragons are split into two different ethnic groups: the Haathengrand (Highland) Dragons and the Farthengrand (Lowland) Dragons.

The Farthengrand are the most populous of Dragons, making up 90% of Dragon kind. Through their own brand of soulbinding, lowlands have both a Draconic form and a Humanoid form. Because of their more Humanoid form, the Lowland Dragons have been able to use diplomacy to build grand, multi-racial cities in the flat lands of Raathos. This civilization expansion allowed the Lowland Dragons to create their own unique culture that combines the practices of other mortals in Eros. For example, they have a council like the Angels, but the head of that council is a monarchy similar to that of the Demons.

Lowland Dragon society is split by gender though; causing most cities to have a female district and a male district. This is because the male and female Dragons don't get along with each other outside of mating. This typically leads to conflict that often times ends with the male Dragon getting eaten by his female counterpart. The only exception to this is in the government districts and in the royal court, of which male and female Dragons peacefully mingle due to strict anti-cannibalism laws. Within their government, there is no hierarchy based on gender. Those who are on the council earn their place through merit while the royal head is passed down from King/Queen to firstborn successor.

The Haathengrand live in the mountains within Raathos and practice the old ways of Draconic culture known as Territorial Law. This law dictates that only the physically strongest rule and those who are weaker either submit to the strong, move to another territory, or get eaten. The Highland Dragons live a very harsh and violent life which is the foremost reason why
many Dragons have given up the Territorial Law to become Farthengrand. One defining feature of a Highland Dragon is that they do not have Humanoid forms. This is because Territorial Law considers the practice of soulbinding to corrupt the purity of Dragons and make them weak. The Haathengrand see all other mortals as potential food and only swear fealty to the strongest of their people or The Divine Family.

Hybrids and Demigods:

Hybrids of every Sentient Mortal species exist; some more common than others. Demigods are another form of hybrid between a God and a mortal. These mortals are given great and unique power, but maintain their mortal status. All hybrids, of divine origin or otherwise, are born infertile. The only exception to this are cases of divine intervention from a member of The Gods.

*Fish are self-replicating flesh constructs created by the Goddess Eyurripia to feed her followers who travel the seas of Eros (as well as other mortals that live near the water). They are not included as Mortals because they do not have a soul. Aquatic mammals, reptiles, squid, and octopi do not count as "fish" in this world.

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