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The History of Eros

Eros has existed for thousands of years, and has had its fair share of historic milestones. Here is a brief rundown of the lore of Eros.

In the beginning...

Before Eros there were only two things, Existence and nothing. Existence was an omnipotent, sentient being, but it had one problem, it desired something beyond itself. Unfortunately, Existence knew of nothing beyond itself, and this yearning brought it great distress. It could create anything, be anything, but it could not conceive of what.

Eventually, the strain of this desire brought so much pain to Existence that it tore itself in two, creating the Primordial Gods, Diana and Elian. Through this, the two gods realized that what they desired was companionship, and that, through one another, they were complete. Through their love of each other, they created the universe.

Diana created the planets, stars and other physical bodies of the universe. For reason, mortals know her as the Goddess of Space. Elian created the time that bound these bodies and kept them in balance, and became known as the God of Time. In this burst of creation, Eros was formed.

After creating the universe, The Primordial Gods descended upon Eros and made it their home. From there they created The Fates, Gods who controlled the flow of mortality and fortune. These Gods were known as: Zoe, Goddess of Life, Agrona, Goddess of Chaos, Azrael, God of Death, and Shandren, God of Stability. After The Fates came The Elementals, Gods who ruled the landscape of Eros. These Gods were known as: Mayrah, Goddess of Wind, Gian, God of Earth, Eyurippia, Goddess of Water, and Hethanos, God of Fire.

Once the last God came into being, Zoe created mortal life to praise and worship what would eventually be known as the Divine Family. That is how the world of Eros came to be, and that is how it will always be.

To be continued...

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