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The Land of Eros

Eros is a small, Earth-like planet full of diverse environments and interesting landscapes. The inhabited continents of Eros are divided into four territories; Daefernia, The Erosian Demilitarized Zone, Raathos and Varia. Each territory is unique in both its environment and people.

Full Map of Eros


On the arid southern continent of Eros lies Daefernia, land of the Demons. Here, the Demon Queen maintains peace between the Demonic Noble Clans through religious influence and military might. The Daefernian capital is the coastal city of Salenae and its major temples are The Old and New Temples of Agrona.


The climate of Daefernia is incredibly dry and hot, with the exception of the eastern swamp lands and the southern tundra. Due to this, the vast majority of Daefernia is uninhabited. Most of Daefernia's mortal population live along The River Styx, The Styx Delta, The River Lethe, and the Swamps of Callisto.

Daefernia Map Final.jpg

The Erosian DMZ

DMZ Map - Final.jpg

The Erosian Demilitarized Zone is an archipelago designated as a neutral zone by all the major territories. Each island is ruled by their own government, and are oftentimes ran by Humans. This region of Eros has the highest Human population, with Varia being a close second. The climate of these islands are as diverse as their governments, ranging from temperate groves to dry plateaus.

Most of the DMZ's population can be found on the Iros, Phobos, and Charah islands. Its largest city is the Port of Iros and the major temple of this region is The Temple of Elian.


The easternmost continent of Eros is the land of Raathos. Here, Dragons rule with fiery fervor. Most of Raathos is under the governance of the Farthengrand (Lowland) Dragons, their king, and a counsel of trade and religious leaders. Some parts of Raathos are not ruled by the Farthengrand though. Almost all of the territory's mountain ranges are controlled by a small ethnic group of Dragons known as the Haathengrand, or Highland Dragons. These folk follow no known governance other than "old ways" of Draconic kind.

The climate of Raathos is about as diverse as the Erosian DMZ, with jungles towards its southwest coast, deserts and plains at its center, and wetlands in the north and southeast regions. 

Raathos Map - Final.jpg


Its capital city is Ragnarock and its major temples are The Temple of Diana, The Temple of Hethanos, The Old Temple of Azrael, The Temple of Gian, and The Old Temple of Zoe.

Varia Map Final.jpg

The northwest continent of Eros is home to Varia. Here, the Angels govern through a counsel of twelve archangels, with Mayrah, Goddess of Wind, as its head. While Angels hold all of the positions of power in Varia, they do not make up the majority of its mortal populace. Humans in Varia outnumber Angels ten to one. Despite this, Humans peacefully allow Angels to rule them in exchange for stability and protection.

Varia's climate ranges from deep evergreen forests, to vast grassland, to freezing tundra.

Out of all territories, Varia's winters are the harshest due to its colder temperatures. The capital of Varia is Bahram and its major temples include The Temple of The Gods, The Temple of Life and Death, and The Temple of Eyurippia.

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