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Production Team 

Aka: The poor folks who put up with my shenanigans. 
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J.T. Leeper


One of our fabulous editors is J.T. Leeper. He is one of my close friends as well as a fellow writing buddy. He's currently a part of an anime podcast called Timesink. If you love anime and discussion surrounding it, totally give the podcast a listen. Also, J.T. Leeper is working on his career as a voice actor. You can find his demo and commercial reels at Casting Call Club. 



Pizzadudemanguy is another editor for this comic, mostly because he is my husband and can't escape my constant chattering about the thing. Anywho, he is a Youtuber who primarily focuses on Nintendo games. If you like Super Smash Bros., letsplays or anything Nintendo, he's your dudemanguy. Check him out! 

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