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Welcome to Eros, Land of the Gods.

Deus: Ballad of the Gods is part one of the interactive fantasy webcomic series called Requiem of Eros. The Requiem of Eros is a story about the dramatic lives of the deities that rule the world of Eros. You, the reader, have the power to influence the fate of this world and the individuals that reside within it, including the Gods themselves. Be wise, for your decisions will either lead to eternal peace...or armageddon. The fate of Eros is in your hands.

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Want to know more?

The world of Eros is a vast and complex world, and only so much one can witness through the story of a single unfortunate soul. So, that is why we have several pages that detail the land, lore and people of this facinating world. We very much encourage you to dive into the depths of Eros, trust us, you won't be disappointed.

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