Deus: Ballad of The Gods

And other stories from the Requiem of Eros

By: R.A. Carter

Welcome to Eros, the Land of Gods. 

Deus: Ballad of the Gods is part one of the interactive fantasy webcomic series called Requiem of Eros. The Requiem of Eros is a story about the dramatic lives of the deities that rule the world of Eros. You, the reader, have the power to influence the fate of this world and the individuals that reside within it, including the Gods themselves. Be wise, for your decisions will either lead to eternal peace...or Armageddon. The fate of Eros is in your hands. 

Disclaimer: Requiem of Eros and any work relating to it deals with uncomfortable thematic elements and is intended for a mature audience (18+). 

Reader discretion is strongly advised.

A devout servant to the God of Death is given a difficult choice; witness the murder of his deity's daughter, or give up his soul to save her. What would you do? You decide in Deus: Ballad of the Gods! 

Discover the origins of Samael, the Demon King in this harrowing prequel to Deus: Ballad of the Gods! 

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Illustrations from the Requiem of Eros.

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